Rick Guidice
& Associates
Design and Project Management by Rick Guidice and Associate Architect Lawrence Cook

Classic Car Wash

Robertsville Corners Car Wash
Delta Queen Car Wash
Queen's Chest
Santa Rosa Classic Car Wash
Cathedral City Classic Car Wash


A Designer’s Profile

Rick Guidice leaves his mark on one Classic Car Wash and modestly moves on to the next and the next and the….

The impact of Rick’s design work is insurmountable in that we know over 8 million people who have visited Classic Car Washes have enjoyed the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere he has created. In this column, we like to introduce and give special recognition to the designer of Classic Car Washes nationwide. He is an integral participant of the Classic Franchise Team.  Almost 10 years ago Rick designed a very authentic river boat encasing a functional car wash; Delta Queen Car Wash in Campbell, California was born. This relationship led to the design of the Robertsville Corners Car Wash. Rick remembered as a boy seeing the old Robertsville corner way station located in Almaden Valley that served as a feed & grain store. He applied this concept to the project and came up with what became the prototype for the Classic franchise program. 

Rick has guided the development of 15 ground up franchise facilities and over 40 remodels nationwide, participating in site selection, permit processing, contractor selection and construction supervision as well as managing the various consultants necessary in producing these complex facilities. Each project is tailored to its local environment, complementing its region.

We are fortunate to have a man of Rick’s character, integrity and professionalism on board. Classic proudly recognizes Rick as Designer of the Decade.