Rick Guidice
& Associates
Design and directing the construction of extraordinary homes, living spaces and other architectural environments since 1970.

Rick Guidice & Associates has been providing outstanding custom home design and remodels in the Bay Area since 1970. We design to suit our clients’ needs and to fit their living patterns, believing that one single style is not intrinsically better that any other. We often base our design on traditional themes, which we then modify to meet modern day requirements and functions, designing with a contemporary sense of space and volume while combining classical forms and details.


Our role as a design team is to listen, observe and translate the clients needs into a home and setting that makes daily living more beautiful and functional. We strive to balance the many issues of design – your family, aspirations, creature comforts, art and the aesthetics, sports and hobbies, pets, entertainment, and security – along with the site and landscape, solar orientation, neighborhood, regional environment, real and arbitrary restraints, and of course, budget. In order to make your home and setting beautiful, we apply fresh and creative thinking to each new design, and seek out appropriate solutions for design challenges. We will create a design that suits your particular desires and needs, whether it be bold and distinctive in character or one that quietly flows into the surrounding landscape.  The ultimate result depends on the underlying theme, careful analysis, evolved detailing, and final execution of all components integrated into the final product – a beautiful, functional home.


In addition to the aesthetics and functions of home design, our services also encompass the realities of dealing with municipalities and their rigid constraints and regulations pertaining to home building. We have experience specifically tailored to expedite your project through these planning offices. The restrictions and requirements put upon the homeowner by both cities and the county are mounting every year. Our office can assist in meeting the necessary approvals to secure the permits for your residential construction. We attend planning meetings on your behalf should there be any additional concerns presented by your neighbors or the Town/City.  We have had great success with the majority of planners due to the good design and thoroughness of our plans. The Town of Los Gatos commended one of our projects as “the best design presented that year”. The essence of this is that we attend to all aspects of your home design and do it successfully in relationship to aesthetics, living functions, and the process of making it happen.


The aesthetics of our interiors receive special consideration as well. We incorporate elements specifically detailed to carry out the theme of the house, with attention given to stairs, paneling, ceiling treatments, lighting, custom cabinetry & furniture, finish materials, colors, fixtures, fireplace design, furnishings and art consultation & selection. 

The finished home derives a look that develops from all of the above criteria, and the conditions that are special and unique to your own project. Our home designs derive their style from the light-filled, dramatic spaces, meticulously designed finish details, custom furniture pieces, and a well-designed exterior that is appropriate to the site –  enhanced by gardens, trellis work, terraces and pools. The Peninsula Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers selected one of our projects in Los Gatos for First Place Award, Interior Design – Residence Over 3,000 Sq. Ft.


I personally, attend to all aspects of our projects and present an optimistic and aesthetic viewpoint. Despite all the technicalities involved in building a home, I do not lose sight that it is an artistic endeavor as well, and strive to create a beautiful home and meaningful living experience.